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The Top 5 Dream Cars for 2021

From the beginning of time it has remained the shared dream of all petrolheads to own a classic supercar. For most of us however this will have to remain a work of fiction – so what’s out there for those with significantly shallower pockets?

For this list, we will consider three things. Presence, rarity and crucially – price. All the vehicles on this list are available to buy in one form or another for under $90 000 (£50 000). Though this is to most people an extraordinary amount of money to pay for a car that may only be used a handful of times a year, it is important to remember that these are no ordinary vehicles – these motors are the petrolhead dream come true. With that settled, let’s move onto the first entry.  

#1 – Ferrari 308 GTB

Launched in 1975, the 308 sought to replace the outgoing Dino 246. However, unlike the Dinos it followed – the 308 was a proper, fully fledged prancing horse. With a 2.9 litre V8 engine and body styled by the legendary Pininfarina, the new boy was not to be taken lightly. 252 naturally aspirated horses meant the car was good for 0-60mph in 7.0 seconds – though that may be merely hot hatch figures today, at the end of the 70’s this was one of the fastest cars money could buy. It may be the real deal, but interestingly, up until 1977 the GTB was produced using something called GRP, that’s glorified plastic to me and you. So, word to the wise if you are intending to buy one of these it’ll be best to go for a steel bodied model – produced from 1978 onwards.

#2 – BMW 850CSi

Now, you may feel when it comes to dream cars that a mid-90’s BMW seems a little mundane. Most of the time you’d be right but, on this occasion, allow my inner Beemer fanboy to explain why you’re sorely mistaken. The 850CSi was the daddy of the 8 series range. While they were all stunning to behold, this one added an extra layer of sporting presence that the other models simply could not match. The classy, yet menacing touches of quad chrome exhausts, bigger alloy wheels and a lowered ride height make the 850 a beautiful, if somewhat intimidating grand tourer. It wasn’t just aesthetically enhanced either, all cars came with four-wheel steering and bigger, ventilated brakes. The real party piece though, was the glorious V12 housed within. The unit was so heavily redesigned over the standard 850i that it received a new engine code. It now produced 375hp and took the 8 series to 60mph in just 5.9 seconds all whilst its occupants were cocooned in a chrysalis of leather and luxury. The rarity of this particular model is now reflected heavily in the price – as a low mileage concourse spec car now sells for well over $100 000.

#3 – Porsche 911 Carerra

Everyone has a soft spot for the 911 and anyone who says they don’t is likely a massive liar. The 1984 Carrera 3.2 is an often-overlooked gem when it comes to classic Porsches. The 3.2 was the final iteration of the original 911 body, the last car they produced before ripping out all the original parts and redesigning from the ground up. Power was increased to 234hp making for a 0-60 sprint time of just 5.4 seconds. A car like this, either in hard top or convertible configuration will likely set you back around $85 000. A bargain for what some would consider the final ‘real’ 911.

#4 – Jaguar E-type Series 3

Though it may not be as ultra-famous as the first two generations of E-type, the Series 3 remains a thing of rare beauty. Prices for the original car and it’s successor have now spiralled so high that they’ve become a classic that isn’t justifiable to use. Their younger brother however has, for now at least, not developed similar issues. Housing an extra 6 cylinders over it’s siblings, the Series 3 combines style and rarity whilst remaining the fastest of the lot with its LeMans tested V12. 0-60 is dealt with in under 7 seconds, making this is a usable classic that will still outrun a lot of modern Saloons. Perfect.   

#5 – Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo

Yes, believe it or not the most successful World Rally Championship car of all time can be yours for a smidge under $90 000. Lancia is of course the last word when it comes to the WRC and the Delta was the last hurrah before they bowed out in the late 90’s. Like the Stratos and the 037 that came before it, this car was a fire spitting, dirt munching monster that had just about been made legal for road use and the Evo was the most hardcore of the lot. Sporting larger arches, a more aggressive stance and bigger wing – there can be no doubt to passers by that this is the real deal. With four-wheel drive and a 2.0 litre turbocharged 4-cylinder engine producing 215hp, this was the fastest and most capable hot hatch of its day. Is it a stretch to consider a hatchback for a dream car? Possibly. But we must remember this isn’t just any hatchback – this is the last real Lancia. That, in my eyes, makes this car the ultimate swansong and by extension one hell of a dream machine.