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Stradale 33 Visione

The Project

In an era of an ever-getting faster industry and exaggerated styling features. This is the absolute right time for a vision of a real homage. A glimpse into to a time when designer and engineer where one person. In search of the maximum in performance and aesthetics.


New grounds were discovered and every new proportion that showed up on the surface of this planet was given car guys goosebumps. This holy era of design and engineering is the birthplace of the “Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale”. What we think this is one of the most exiting proportions ever build. Driven by this excitement we decided to celebrate this car and its era. Not by restyling the past with the useless task to reinvent what is already good – instead, we took our time to emphasise what makes this car so special.

In these fast times we are living in it is not easy to really recognize what beauty lies in simplicity. We See this as an important part of understanding the past, the present and the future. We did Not want to prove that we can do it better or there is a need to evolve it. We decided to use our capabilities, free time and passion in humility to honour these simple and almost perfect proportions of these times. With our understanding of a real vision of an homage.

The whole concept was and is to build a stunning volume as an suit around the driver and this extraordinary lightweight agile driving machine. The Greenhouse (almost literally) is complete open to the lucky enthusiast who builds the man-machine interconnection. Full sight. Full connection to the Machine and the environment. 

A design to please the eye and suit the engine and the drive.



A few years ago, our different lifepaths joined at one point in time and Andrea came up with idea of this project. The first sketches from Andrea dropped and everyone was in! So, we started to use our after-work time to sort our ideas and evolve our Design. Steffen came up with the first 3D Poly Mock-up and Christian (just quitted his 9 to 5 job) was able to put time into the proportion studies and exterior Surface modelling.

Andrea designed a beautiful simplistic interior what was doubtless a perfect match to the overall look. Thanks to Marco modelling it, it become 3D – reality. What was missing now… the UX. Our old friend and colleague Sergio took lovely care about this and delivered the Keystone. Steffen with his talent to put things in picture reached out and started with visualisation. No way at this point to be not exited. Everything comes together…”

In this world visions are created by the passions of people. And we are thankful to be able to do so! Enjoy.