Welcome to Retromotive’s inaugural Automotive Photography Competition. A competition where we seek to shine a light on the best automotive photographers in the world. The competition is open to beginners, students, amateurs, semi professionals and professionals.

We pride ourselves on the stunning and unique imagery that we present in our magazines, articles and socials. Founder and publisher, Nathan Duff, has been a photographer for over a decade: shooting for companies like Top Gear, Ford and Porsche. Since our magazine’s inception in 2018, we have been working hard to uncover new talent and celebrate automotive art between the pages of Retromotive.
We know you’ve got what it takes to compete with the best photographers in the automotive world, sometimes you just need the platform and opportunity to have your work showcased.

As the competition progresses, we’ll be curating some of the best entries from each category every week to be featured on our social channels and website in an effort to raise awareness of the vast talent pool of automotive photographers out there today.

US$25 gets you an entry into the competition and a copy of our US Launch Issue delivered to your door.


Man & Machine:
Portrait or distinctive human element mixed with an automotive element.

Images of classic cars manufactured up to the year 2000.

Future Classics:
Images of cars manufactured from 2000 onwards.

Open to anyone studying photography, art or design. Brief is open but must be automotive photography.

Images of off road, road trips, big scene – little car.


Please fill the following form and upload your images as mentioned in the submission guidelines.

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Who are the judges?

It is important to note that different judges will see an image through different eyes. One may score a photo differently than another. While judges follow guidelines and seek objective criteria to evaluate, there is also a certain level of personal opinion involved. Click here to view the judges panel.

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Please ensure file size per image does not exceed 5mb. You may upload 3 images per category.